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Our Culinary Journey

Uniquely Delicious & Convenient Experience

In March 2020, when Southern California collided with the disaster of COVID-19, a tough survival in the hospitality industry, a collaboration amongst our own strong restaurant brands in the U.S and globally, D.EATERY was formed to satisfy the needs of the eatery to patrons in different methods using delivery platforms. To date, this successful partnership has been able to share DIDIM’S vision and global cuisine to not only many places in the United States, but to several other countries in the world. Talented Chefs of D.EATERY has been featured on news, and cooking shows also having experienced, and qualified staffs aim only aims for the best. At d.Eatery, we believe these services are at best when we focus the efforts on the quality of our food and service. At the same time, we live in a world that more than ever demands convenience usually brought about by technology. Patrons are asking for faster, more natural ways to order their meals. Now even safer way due to COVID-19. Like most people, they are busy checking emails, jumping in and out of apps, messaging friends, and browsing websites. Said another way, patrons live and work online.D.EATERY was created to bridge this disconnect. Fast, easier with delicious and fresh food to your door safely. Promised.

Journey: About Us
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